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Hello everyone and welcome to my little studio.

Who am I?

My name is Ven and so far I am the only developer at Mesetts Software, but I have big plans!

And the studio?

Mesetts Software was created in February, 2013 when I needed a name under which to publish games and software I developed.


Since then, I've built a dosen web sites, two web game systems and one PC game, "The Dreamlord". You can find more info about The Dreamlord in the "Games" section.

My Experience

My experience in developing is self-taught for 15 years. I started with programming for about 10 years. Being self-taught means I dont have any degrees and nobody wants to hire me. But I love making games, so I recently picked up on 3D modelling, 2D art and textures, game design and all the other little things connected to developing games. All this comes from the fact that I work with $0 budget and cannot afford to hire help, so I try to cover all grounds.

Philosophy about Game Design

I really hope you enjoy my products. I do not target 'Maximizing sales' when designing. I simply love making and playing games and I want to share all my ideas for games and mechanics with You, and holefully build something that wont bore me after a week of playing. :)

Thank you

Thank you for reading this! Now, go see my first game - The Dreamlord